Meet Dr. Williams

Dr. Williams is a DDS Graduate of the University of Costa Rica from 1979. He is a pioneer in the field of dental implants, occlusal equilibration, cosmetic dentistry and dental maintenance.

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Occlusal Equilibration Therapy

In Costa Rica, Dr. Williams was one of the first dentists that practiced Occlusal Equilibration Therapy (adjusting the way your upper and lower teeth bite together.) Read More


Dr. Williams works with the best technology and material for rehabilitations. Zirconia dioxide is, among the today available dental ceramics, without any doubt the material with the highest stability and fracture toughness. Read more

About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is definitely a country you have to visit! Not only for its beautiful biodiversity and beaches, but for the excellent quality of medical services. Read more

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    Can I have an Implant?
    If you have available bone you are a candidate for implant placement. We will need to know about your health, age, if you are taking medications and we will like to see an x-ray of the site involved. The normal healing time (osseous integration) is between 2-4 months. After this, you will need the prosthetic crowns or crowns.

    What type of crown do you recommend?
    For posterior crowns we recommend high-grade zirconium since it is metal free, extremely hard, and we can do it in the Cad-Scan, just as the anterior crowns, which we recommend EMAX technology because of its esthetic qualities and hardness.

    Useful Information

    Why use our clinic? →

    We offer high-qualified experienced professionals with a natural passion for treatments in a peaceful and high standard environment and with very competitive prices.

    Timings for crown delivery →
    Because of our high standard lab (cad-scan technology) we can deliver crowns from 2 to 7 days depending on the quantity involved.

    Schedules →
    We offer you the proper diagnosis; prognosis and treatment plan so that you can make your schedule according to your needs.

    Travel and accommodations →
    Our clinic is strategically located in the nicest suburb of San Jose near to a big variety of hotels and restaurants. You can see our recommendations in the section of Costa Rica.

    Full zirconium hybrid denture rehabilitation

    It is a hybrid abutment that utilizes a titanium insert which engages the implant connector.  It has a 5mm chimney for bonding the zirconia abutment form to the titanium base. This design gives you the best of both worlds; titanium to titanium at the implant connection and a zirconia abutment for aesthetics. The minimal thickness for the zirconia is 1.0mm around the titanium interface.