“There is something remarkable and unique about traveling to another country for medical procedures.  However, I was recommended to Dr. Williams by a friend who had some dental procedures performed while visiting Costa Rica.  I was very impressed with the work she had done on her teeth and, after much research, made my decision to have my dental work done by Dr. Williams.
The work involved was extensive; including implants, bridges, crowns and extractions.  Dr. Williams designed a comprehensive treatment plan while working within my limited travel timeframe. Throughout the process, each step was explained to me in detail.  After completing all the necessary procedures, including several trips to Costa Rica, the end result has been flawless and I could not be happier.
As a native New Yorker, living in Los Angeles, I am fortunate to have access to some of the best (but extremely expensive) dentists.  My experience has been that Dr. Williams is one the very best and the cost savings significant.  I have since returned to my local dentist and hygienist for on-going regular maintenance.  I have received many compliments from them on the quality of work and, as important, the quality of materials used by Dr. Williams for my implants and bridges.
On a more personal note, the entire staff should be mentioned.  They were helpful, accommodating, friendly and considerate.  They always made me feel welcome.  Additionally, throughout the process, Dr. Williams made me feel like I was his only patient and he took away any of my concerns.  HE KEEPS ME SMILING!”.
Mary Ellen Doyle, New York

“Dr. John Williams was recommended to us in the mid ’90th by our contractor in Nosara. On inspection by John both my wife and myself needed complete replacements of all of our teeth. My wife experienced John’s skills and expertise first, to our complete satisfaction. After John’s treatment she never had any problems again. I followed in her steps 2 years later with he same results: Full satisfaction. Our Canadian dentist, when we went for cleaning, always admired John’s handiwork. We never could have afforded the cost for the replacements in North America. John Williams is not a “cheap dentist”, but a very reasonable accomplished artist in his field.
Kind regards,
Josh V.W.

“When my dentist in South Florida gave me an estimate for a treatment plan that was impossible for me to afford, I asked him “what about Mexico” as a friend had gone there for some work. He stood up and said “Maybe not Mexico but possibly Costa Rica, I’ve seen some work by a Dentist down there that is beautiful”  So after considerable deliberation I called Dr. John Williams in Escazu, Costa Rica. My conversation with him left me confident that a trip to Costa Rica might be the answer to my problems. After sending my X-rays & a treatment plan by my Dentist in So. Florida to Dr. Williams he called me and talked to me in length about what should be done and the cost (a fraction of what it would cost in the US). I decided to put my trust in Dr. Williams. Months later I can truly say it was one of the smartest things
I’ve ever done. After one hour in his office the stress and second guessing of myself vanished and I knew I had made the right decision. I had complete confidence in Dr. Williams & his staff. His work is beautiful and “state of the art”. Both my Dentist and Periodontist in South Florida were truly impressed with the work done. My teeth feel and look beautiful and have given me a new lease on life. Dr. John Williams is a conscientious, competent, & interesting individual that I have had the pleasure to know in and out of his office. He helped make arrangements for my stay and travels while in Costa Rica and made my trip rewarding and memorable. With confidence I whole-heartedly recommend Dr. John Williams and his Staff.
Mr. Lawrence “Mickey” Forte Florida
USA Phone: 9543361332″

“My daughter’s dentist in Fort Lauderdale referred Dr. Williams. We had been casually talking of dentistry work I had previously had in Vietnam. He said that some of his friends had experienced international dentistry in Costa Rica.
It was easy to communicate with Dr. Williams as he is fluent in English, which is unfortunately my only language. Initially I was going to have simply 1 crown. Dr. Williams was able to quote me so I knew what to budget for my trip.
He advised me on a hotel to stay at close to his surgery. The hotel manager sent some one to collect me at the airport which was much easier than trying to describe to a cabbie at the airport where to be taken as the streets have no names and directions are given by landmarks – which I had no knowledge of. And not all cabbies speak english.
The surgery was an easy 4 blocks walk from the hotel. Dr. Williams staff were friendly and welcoming when I arrived in the surgery. After discussing what treatment I had come for, I was impressed by the product and treatment available and decided after visiting the lab and meeting the technician to have all my teeth crowned. There was 2 weeks of prep work involved in this, which meant I would have a weekend free to explore Costa Rica as well as the odd day (relief from the dentist chair) to see the local city and countryside. Dr. Williams suggested I spend my weekend at the Coast in the pretty yoga/surfing seaside town of Nosara. It was a great suggestion involving a short local flight.
Temporary teeth were fitted and I left Costa Rica to return after the teeth had been manufactured for fitting. The teeth are made of zirconia using the latest Italian technology, product and equipment for manufacture. The lab technician is an artist painting each tooth by hand to provide a natural smile.
I returned after a couple of months (The late timing was my choice). Same hotel, great service. The teeth were ready, fitted and looking perfect. The cost was about 1/3 of what it would have been if I had the same job done in Australia. I have had my teeth cleaned a couple of times here in Australia. The dentist here praises the work in my mouth.
I recommend you seriously consider the option of visiting Dr. Williams in Costa Rica.”
Karen White.
Gold Coast, Australia
Mobile phone: +61 418 727 447

One of the best decisions my wife and I ever made was choosing Dr. Williams as our dentist. He is simply out standing. In fact, all the other dental specialists he had work on us were also outstanding. Anyone who chooses Dr. Williams as their dentist will always thank their lucky stars they made this decision. We still consider him our dentist. No matter in what country one resides, or how much wealth one has, it is not possible to find a better dentist. Simply the best, and as an extra benefit you get to go to Costa Rica, one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Dr. William and Marlene Hayes
Phone: 6083681657

Hace un par años sufrí por un terrible dolor en las mandíbulas y la cara, hasta que eventualmente me fue casi imposible hablar o comer ya que se me quedaba la mandíbula cerrada. Acudí al Dr. John Williams que me hizo una reajuste de mandíbula y mordida con terapias manuales hasta que quede perfecta, luego de las terapias manuales me hizo un ‘Bite’ a mi medida y desde entonces no sufro de ningún dolor o dificultad para hablar. No fue necesaria ninguna cirugía ni otros tratamientos posteriores.
Gracias por su dedicación a mi caso Dr. Williams
Marcia Montiel
Costa Rica
(506) 88369071

I have been a loyal, well-cared for patient of Dr. Williams for more than 30 years and I have had extensive dental procedures, especially crowns and bridges. He is always very professional, has up-to-date training, has a well-equipped office, and well-trained associates. His excellent laboratory contacts help insure the top quality results that his long-term patients like me have come to expect. He has an engaging personality, speaks Spanish and English fluently, and truly cares about his patients. Through the years that I have known Dr. Williams I have recommended him to friends and teaching colleagues who have developed the same gratitude and appreciation for the care they received that I value in my dentist.

Delores Bowman
Phone: 001-506-2225-4809 turygen@ice.co.cr